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Fintess and Wellness Centers

Maximize your member benefits by offering the missing link to optimal health and results.

The Nature’s Foods platform makes eating healthy, easy and affordable for members while it helps retain and increase revenue, benefits and community awarness of your program offering.

Engaging Educational Informative

We enable you to help your members improve their health by overcoming the day to day barriers to eating healthy by making information and quality foods specific to their needs easy to access, affordable, and receive through home delivery.


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For You

For you

• New Member Benefit
• Help Your Members Solve Healthy Eating Problems
• Different from other Fitness Centers
• Competitive Advantage
• Retain & Add Members
• Increase Revenue
• Available to & Affects the Entire Family
• Only Available to Members
• Easy Integration
• SSO – Single-Sign-On
• Engagement Support
• SME Training

For your Members

For your members

• Easy Online Access
• Affordable Healthy Foods
• Nutrition Plans Included in Member Dues
• Home Delivered
• Save Time & Money
• Less Trips to the Store
• Less Impulse Buys
• Feed the Entire Family
• Recipes & Nutrition Plans Specific to Health Status
• Plan or A-La-Carte Options
• Improved Health & Lifestyle

For Your dietians, Trainers & Coaches

For your dietians, trainers & coaches

• Tools that Go Beyond 1:1
• Help Members Solve Eating Healthy Challenges
• Access to Nutrition Plans & Healthy Foods
• Affordable Healthy Foods & Plans
• Over 100 Nutrition Plans
• Specific to Chronic Disease & Lifestyle
• Advanced Nutrition Tools
• Adjust Current Plans or Create New Ones
• Adjust or Create Recipes
• Complete Food Database
• Goal Setting & Tracking
• Easy Member Use
• Members have Fun Working Out, Ordering, &
Eating Healthy
• Drive Revenue with Dietitians, Coaches & Trainers

Healthly Food at Home

Healthly food at home

• All-Natural & Organic
• Chemically Free
• Pre-portioned
• Hand Washed, Filleted & Deboned
• Blast Frozen at the Peak of Freshness
• High Nutrient Density
• Fresher Foods
• Better Tasting
• Vacuumed Sealed
• Avoids Harmful Bacteria
• Quality Foods on Hand
• Quick Preparation
• Reduce Waste
• Eat Only What You Need